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Listening Horse Riders – Episode 1: Preparing to Ride – Mindset

This episode for Listening Horse Riders is about preparing to ride.

A rider’s mindset is one of the biggest attributes they have to being able to get the most out of every single ride.

It also lays the foundation for how easily they can communicate with their horses.

Heart Centred Riding Coach, Susie Butler teaches riders how to create a mind body connection which is going to allow them to ride and communicate with their horses to the best of their ability from the start of each ride.

Susie shares tips on how to harness the power of the present moment, helping riders to connect fully with their horses.

This audio is 32 minutes and is designed as a non-ridden session. However, it does include some non-ridden exercises you may want to participate in whilst listening to the recording.

All responsible is taken by the listener to make decisions based on their own abilities and the ability of their horses, to decide what is best for them, as well as to listen to these audio sessions in a safe environment.

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