Does your horse open your heart?

That feeling after you’ve ridden of complete joy and success.

Horses open our hearts…

It has come to my attention after going about a lot of my days training and helping people with their horses, just how much our horses help us find a sense of balance.

And yes I do mean the obvious sense of balance as to whether we stay on or take an early dismount.

But it’s also the sense of balance within ourselves and our own being, which I have really noticed again and again, radiating from all sorts of very different people.

It’s the place people seem to return to, once they have spent quality time with their horses or after riding.

It’s like they are shown a way of being that is without worry, without stress, without nerves. Like our horses mean so much to us, that when we are around them or riding them there is a pure appreciation for what they give to us and what they do for us which allows us to reconnect to a place of pure joy, peace and openness.

Like the barriers around our hearts melt away and a connection is opened between our heart, body, mind and soul, allowing us to feel more at ease, more calm and more whole.

The difference in people once they have ridden or had that quality time with their horse is immense.

Let your horse, open your heart.

Let your horse, open your heart