So often we spend so much time ‘doing’ when we are riding that we forget to just be.

How often when you look at the top riders, do you see them doing?

It’s almost as though they just sit there and voila, the horse performs. Their positions look so perfect and their aids so subtle.

But to recognize, it is the pause between our aids that creates the space for the horse to process what has been asked and to preform it, is monumental.

So take a breath. Take a moment to just let your horse carry you. Give them some wriggle room so they can shift their balance, change their gait, improve their posture or just breath and relax to flow through your requests with the ease and grace that is natural to them.

Learn to hold a space, for your horse to just meet you there.

Where you can sit in such a way that you make it as easy as possible for your horse to improve his posture and to carry you to the best of his ability, on that day.

By holding a space it’s as though you are sending a positive invitation to the horse in the way you are sitting, in the way you are thinking and in the energy you are creating, that says I am connected in the here and now, I am as aligned as I can be today and I am willing to go with you and to enter into the flow that is our today.

It is this feeling that creates the space, for your horse to just meet you there.

Where your horse feels your body, mind and soul aligned and they do their very best to match you, to mirror you and to take you forward one stride at a time in each moment, as each moment presents itself.

So give your horse that room, that space, that time, to find himself and to just meet you there.


Horse Riding & Mindfulness – The power of pausing