For those of you who would like to connect with your horses in a more innate way. To understand more about them. To find out information. Or to see if there are any messages your horse would like to share with you.

Readings are offered primarily through email, although on occasions may be available by phone.

Horses are beings of incredible integrity and wisdom. They see and feel every bit of the world around them, particularly when it comes to their herd and those they have come here to honor. They can see our difficulties and our worries and they so want to help us to connect with who we truly are at soul level, to help take us back to our truth.

This is why so many of us become connected to horses in someway, because we have all felt those moments when we feel complete through riding or spending time with our horses. The achievement, the connection, the peacefulness, the truth of who we really are.

It is in this space where our horses are always residing, waiting for us to meet them there. And it is in this space that Susie is able to connect with your horse and listen to the information they would like to share with you.

All that is required for this communication to take place is for you to send Susie an email using the link below, with the questions or concerns you have. You will also need to include in your email your horse’s name, age and the amount of time you have been together, as well as a recent photo of your horse.

As a guide, please use up to 350 words in your email.

Horse Readings – £25

Payment to be received at time of booking.

Click on this link to send your email – susie@equineinstinct.co.uk.