This is where the magic happens!

Sometimes it isn’t just what you are doing physically as a horse rider that matters, it’s the way you think and feel whilst you are around your horse that matters too.

This is because how you think and feel has a massive impact on how your horse responds to you and how situations with your horse unfold.

Yes, learning how to handle your horse, how to sit and how to ride are all important but sometimes forgetting how to ‘be’ around horses is at the core of the problems we then experience.

Remote Coaching with Heart Centred Riding will help you to discover just how much your thoughts and feelings influence your riding and how they can either prevent you from obtaining your full potential or, propel you into becoming the best possible rider you can be.

This coaching is particularly useful if you are experiencing challenges with your riding. For instance, you may suffer from confidence issues, nervousness, competition anxieties or self doubt. Or you may find you keep coming up against the same obstacles with your horse or with your riding, no matter how hard you try. Leaving you feeling frustrated and disappointed.

These challenges are all brought about by your mindset and how you perceive your own riding ability and the situations you incur. The thoughts you allow yourself to think create your emotions and it is these emotions your horse picks up on, which then influence your horse’s reactions.

Learning how to change the way you think about a problem, allows the solution to present itself.

What you will learn

In this Phone Coaching Susie will walk you through the challenges you are experiencing and help you to retrain your thoughts and work with your emotions to become the best rider you can be, this also helps you to deepen the connection you have with your horse.

All you need to do is choose when you would like to have your first Phone Coaching Session with Susie by clicking on the link below to book your first introductory session. Susie will then send you appointment times to choose from.

Heart Centred Riding Coaching Session Prices

  • First Introductory Session – £48 (60 minutes)
  • Continued Coaching Sessions – £40 (60 minutes)
  • Continued Coaching Sessions – £22 (30 minutes)

  • Payment is to be received at time of booking.
  • Introductory sessions are 60 minutes long.
  • All other coaching sessions can be booked in either 30 or 60 minute sessions.

Click on this link to book your session – susie@equineinstinct.co.uk.

First Introductory Session – £48 (1hr)

Continued Coaching Sessions – £40 (60 minutes)

Continued Coaching Sessions – £22 (30 minutes)

“Susie has helped me with a number of different horses over the last 10 years. Always looking at the horse / rider / handler combo objectively, she has an instinctive teaching style, demonstrating a deeper understanding of the problem being faced, whether under saddle or in hand. She has most recently helped me with a long-standing handling issue with my Cleveland Bay gelding, and after chatting the problem through has enabled me to remedy the problem by breaking it down into easy, manageable chunks. Thank you Susie!”

Zoe, Horse Owner, Bedfordshire