Helping your horse to hear you.

Do you struggle with any of these feelings whilst riding?

  • Feeling frustrated
  • Feeling nervous or anxious
  • Suffering from self doubt or confidence issues
  • Feeling like your horse just doesn’t listen to you

If the answer is yes then Heart Centred Riding can help you.

My name is Susie and I am a Horse & Rider Relationship Coach, a BHSAI and Author.

I train the horse through the rider using techniques from Heart Centred Riding.

Think of me as a bit like a relationship counsellor who works with you and your horse to improve communication.

An improved communication with your horse alleviates frustration, reduces anxieties, builds confidence and creates a clear channel for your horse to hear you.

Heart Centred Riding is an alignment of the body and the mind into the present moment, creating clear communication.

If you are interested in booking lessons I am able to offer one-to-one coaching for you and your horse at your yard.

I am currently traveling to horse riders within the Herts, Beds & Essex areas.

Prices start from (dependent on post-code):

  • £25 – 30 minutes
  • £30 – 45 minutes
  • £35 – 1 hour

Or, you can travel to me for lessons – prices vary depending on numbers, please ask for more information.

To discuss your needs and to book lessons, please use the details below:

Call or Text Susie on – 07771 995 284

Email – susie@equineinstinct.co.uk

“Recently Susie joined a yard where I was working at with her amazing horse Magic. After a couple of days of settling in, it was clear to see the amazing bond that Susie has with her horse; from how she rides him, to understanding his behaviour. This was brilliant as it opened my eyes to a whole new world of horses and their ability to communicate with us. 

From a young age I have always been around horses and animals, and shared too. When I first started to ride, to possibly a year ago. I was always taught that if the horse was naughty or difficult it was generally down to a couple of factors; “Needs a stronger bit”, “You’re not a good enough rider” or “ It’s just a bit green, hasn’t been ridden in ages!”

However after meeting Susie and having lessons with her, she made me understand more about horses and what they were trying to tell me, without Susie I don’t think I would have been able to build such fantastic relationships with the horses that I ride now.”

Jessica Jones, Horse Rider, Hertfordshire