3 Tips For Improving Your Balance

  1. Try to think positively – think about being balanced rather than worrying about what might happen if your not. By being relaxed and sitting as deeply as possible you’re more likely to go with your horse.
  2. Practise some out of the saddle work – to get your weight going all the way down into your feet and stirrups, so your lower leg becomes more secure and you learn to feel for that centre of balance over your horse’s back. Hold onto the saddle, a neck strap or a piece of mane to make sure you are not balancing on your reins whilst you’re practising your out of the saddle work. 
  3. Have a ‘go to move’ – if it helps you to feel more confident and thus more balanced, think of your ‘go to move’ and have it in the back of your mind to use at any point you feel you’re not so balanced. For example, it could be that you hold the saddle, stick your heels down, look up and focus. But whatever it is have it in the bag to use if needed.

    Good luck if your aim is to improve your balance and remember to check back in for more helpful tips and advice.

3 Tips For Improving Your Balance When Riding Your Horse