What is Heart Centred Riding?

Heart Centred Riding is all about developing a deeper relationship with your horse. It’s about opening your mind and your heart to learn all your horse has to teach you, which if you let them, is so much more than just how to ride. This connection brings more depth, clarity and understanding which in turn enables you to create the best riding experience every time!

If you’re interested in learning how to do this then our short introductory course is perfect for you!

An Introduction to Heart Centred Riding

Designed especially for horse owners, this enriching short course will teach you new ways to connect with your horse. In 3 intensive sessions you’ll learn solutions to age-old problems and create a deeper, more rewarding relationship with your horse.

Course Outline:

Session 1   Find the perfect state of being to connect with your horse.

Session 2   Learn how to use the power of your mind to create the perfect riding experience every time.

Session 3   Resolve your hang ups and learn how to ride through them.

3 x 90 minute sessions…                just £175

Each 90 minute session is delivered one-to-one at your yard with your horse  (currently restricted to Herts, Beds and Essex)

Not only will you feel more connected to your horse, you’ll also…

1. Understand so much more about riding and what it has to offer you.

2. Learn how to utilize the many different ways communication flows between you and your horse.

3. Find out what holds you back, and why, and how to work through it.

Heart Centred Riding is a way of being and once you have felt this true connection with your horse, you’ll realise there is no other way!

Become closer to your horse and transform your riding as a result – book today!

Call or Text – 07771 995 284

Email – [email protected]

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