Horse Communication & Advice By Phone & Email

If you have a problem with your horse or a situation you’re concerned about, you have come to the right place. If you’re confused by your horse’s behaviour or feel like you just don’t know which way to turn, you

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Horse Riding Lessons & Training

Hello, I’m Susie and I am a Holistic Horse Riding Coach. I can help you to build the best relationship possible with your horse. Not only will you dramatically improve your riding skills and your horse’s way of going, you’ll

Heart Centred Riding

What is Heart Centred Riding? Heart Centred Riding is all about developing a deeper relationship with your horse. It’s about opening your mind and your heart to learn all your horse has to teach you, which if you let them,

About Susie Butler

Always a keen horse enthusiast, I have been around horses for most of my life. Starting off with the childhood ambitions of being a top rider and winning rosettes and trophies to aims of being able to ride any horse,

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What my clients say

Susie has such a calm and relaxed way with horses and has been a huge help with any equine matters that I present her way. The relationship that she has with her horse Magic, is truly something to be admired. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone that need horsey advice. Every livery yard should have a Susie!

Rhianna Horse Owner, London

What my clients say

Susie is an excellent instructor with good interpersonal skills. She always makes you feel safe by checking tack and ensuring that riders in the lesson are aware of each other and how to pass correctly. Lessons are always interesting and even though I have been riding for many years, I feel that I have learned something new each time. She has good empathy with riders/horses and can judge the appropriate pace and amend the lesson if necessary. Her observation is very good, leading to helpful and supportive feedback to riders that improves their skills. Lessons are always a pleasure.

Yvonne Horse Rider, Essex

Susie is professional, knowledgeable, flexible and friendly. Her lessons always give me something to think about and work on.

Kate Horse Rider, London